Self-Care Sunday

I want to start this off by encouraging everyone to be confident in yourself and I want to remind you to not forget who you are. I haven’t been blogging that much recently because I have been going through it and I needed to take time to be by myself for a second. This past […]

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For the Love of Music

I want to start this all off by saying how much music means to me and how it is a soul component of friendships that brings everyone together. Living in Denton has given me so many more opportunities to see my favorite artists in concert and experience listening to good music with the people I […]

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join the re-VULVA-lution

I’m excited to share with you all what new things I am doing and how life has been for me. So, recently I have partnered with Queen V and they started a campaign called join the re-vulva-loution. It is our fun approach on a topic that most women find confusing and embarrassing to talk about. […]

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It’s coming UP

So this week I was challenged to tell the future in my trend analysis class. We have an assignment where we have to pick one thing that we think is going to be an upcoming trend or popular in different styles. I really picked my brain and thought about all the things that I recently […]

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just Girly things

I want to start this off by saying how my computer broke and why I wasn’t able to post last week. So, I’m getting onto my monster tall bed, not realizing my computer was on the very edge and it just fell 6 feet on the ground. At first I had no idea what fell […]

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Daniel Caesar Salad

Let me share with you all what my life was like this weekend. My best friend in the entire world came to visit me and we saw our favorite artist. In a nutshell, it was the most beautiful weekend I have ever had, thus far. This might sound kind of weird but I live each […]

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