Passion for Fashion

I want to commence my blog by sharing the start of my true passion for fashion. So it started when I was younger and my mom bought me my first sewing machine. I would get clothes in my closet and just sew random things on them and have a fashion show for my family. At such a young age, I was in love with being unique by doing something different on my own. As I grew up, I did not have as much free time as I used to so I kind of lost that spark that I had for my true passion. I used to do ballet and I had to sew my pointe shoes but that was pretty much the only sewing I did for awhile. All of this started to change when I switched to a brand new school my sophomore year of high school. I became very involved in the fashion department at my school. I was apart of this club called FCCLA, where I was given the opportunity to compete in different competitions and design my own clothes. I enjoyed this so much and made a few outfits that I am very proud of. When I was in New York, I went to MOOD Fabric Store and got fabric there to create a piece for one of my outfits. My senior year, I decided to challenge myself and took on the task of completing 3 prom dresses. I had some difficulties during this time by having to problem solve on my own and complete this task on my own. It taught me a lot about time management, self compassion and why you should never give up on your dreams. During this time, I also struggled with college and making sure I was making the right choice. Spoiler Alert: I didn’t make the right choice. Anyways we will get into that topic later. I decided to attend Texas Tech for Occupational Therapy but I soon discovered that wasn’t me at all. I discovered so much about myself during my first year that I never knew was even a part of me. I found my true love for fashion and how I can use it to help others love themselves. I will be switching schools in the fall to UNT to focus more on Fashion Merchandising and Digital Retailing, but don’t worry I will get into all of that later. However, I am glad I had the experience of coming to Tech to have time to myself and I was not held back by anyone and I was my true, genuine self. This year in college allowed me to start being, I guess you could say I was adventurous with my style. I met my best friends, Kennedy and Emma, they really brought out the side of me that was hidden for so long. I began to dress how I wanted and did not care about what people thought and this really helped me to grow in my self confidence and grow to love myself again. I love to hear people complement my outfits and that gave me an extra boost of confidence. I actually dress up for class instead of wearing a t-shirt and shorts like every other sorority girl. There would be somedays that my outfits would be “over the top” for a casual event, but I really learned to not care about people’s opinions. I remember one time I was at an obnoxious frat party (sorry not sorry to anyone reading this who actually likes frat guys) this guy told me that I was literally too tall to be wearing platforms with my outfit. So you know what I did right after that, wore platforms everyday. Sometimes people tend to think that what you wear and what you’re apart of are solely all you are. But, for someone like me I don’t let anything define me. I express myself through fashion and that is the only way that I will let anyone every judge me. It is so important to me to be free and do whatever makes YOU happy. I joined this app called 21buttons and I post on it almost everyday my outfits and it has given me the motivation to keep dressing for MYSELF everyday. Sometimes my friends get so mad at me for always making them take pictures of me but in the end they’re seriously always there for me no matter what. I know this might be insane but I feel that fashion has really saved my life and made me become a more confident version of myself who lives everyday just to make ME happy instead of trying to please everyone.


The Introduction of a New Beginning

Hi kitties! I just want to introduce myself before you start to know everything about my upcoming life. So, I am in college right now about to finish my first year. I am a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and I am a strong advocate for Girl Power and Equality. My favorite type of food is Indian and Chinese. I am listening to music all the time and I feel off-balanced if I’m not. My all-time favorite music is from the 70s. My parents really introduced me to the greatest songs and that’s the main reason why I listen to old music more than today’s hits. I spend my free time reading Vogue and I love to seek inspiration from influencers for outfit ideas and upcoming trends. I am probably the quirkiest person ever and you’ll see soon that I am full of tragically embarrassing stories. This blog is mainly me talking about challenges that I’m going through and how to overcome all the negativity as well as my passion for fashion and how I use it to express myself freely. I’m so excited to share my life and I hope someone out there will benefit from my story.

Sustainable Summer Secrets

** Aloe Vera **

Aloe Vera gel is my forever go-to natural product for my skincare, hair and nutrients. I have a few of my own plants and they grow back rapidly after you cut off its leaves so once you buy one plant you’ll have Aloe Vera forever. The gel inside the leaf is what provides the most beneficial ingredients. My favorite way to use Aloe Vera is as a skin moisturizer. In the morning, after I put on my daily sunscreen, I always add a small, dime size amount of Aloe Vera gel to my face. It is rich in vitamin A, C and E, these minerals help prevent breakouts, promote healing and supports healthy cell functions. By using Aloe Vera on your skin, it is a good way to prevent some blemishes from occurring versus healing already formed acne. Somedays whenever my skin is not looking the best and I can see a blemish on the way, I like to mix apple cider vinegar and Aloe Vera together and use it as a toner after I wash my face. I mix about ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and 2 table spoons of Aloe Vera, then I use a cotton ball to rub the mixture all across my face.

I use Aloe Vera gel for many different ways to help nourish and style my hair. Whenever I notice my hair is looking drier, I add Aloe Vera to my conditioner because it gives my hair additional shine and helps reduce the dandruff that I get whenever my scalp is extra dry. One thing that I tried while trying to find a good curly haircare line, is Aloe Vera. I use this natural gel to help hold my curls together. Some days, whenever my hair is freshly washed, I put the Aloe Vera gel all around my hair and use my fingers to create a few spiral shaped curls. This is a really great product to use that won’t make my hair feel like it’s full of product and it still manages my curls.

Another way that I typically use Aloe Vera is by consuming it for the nutritional value that it holds. By eating this plant, it helps keep your digestive system moving and healthy, along with providing value vitamins and amino acids. I add a scoop to my morning green tea in order to start my day with a good digestive movement or I will add a few cubes in my salad for additional texture. The actual Aloe Vera gel does not have a distinct taste but it reminds me of bitter jelly whenever it is by itself.

** Sunscreen Everywhere**

Here’s a question…Would you rather look 30 whenever you’re 80 or 80 whenever you’re 50?

Just Wondering, if you want to look young forever then all you have to do is moisturize. Literally, that is it. Every single day, you need to apply a generous amount of moisturizer to your face and neck. In the morning, it is important to apply a moisturizer that has at least 30 SPH in order to maximize the amount of UV rays that are blocked. The more exposure you have to the sun’s powerful rays, the more prone you are to having age spots, wrinkles and moles. I try to avoid the sun as much as possible, but whenever I am out, I ensure to always have sunscreen on. At night time, I use a moisturizer that does not contain sunscreen because I am not going outside, and I like to have a nice clean slate whenever I wake up in the morning. Emphasis on moisturizing your neck, because in case you didn’t know your neck ages as well. If you do not moisturize your neck right now, then you may notice that you have little bumps that can resemble chicken skin. By simply moisturizing your neck, you can avoid having rough looking skin and you will prevent further signs of aging on your face and neck.

** Two Piece Fit **

Today, I created a bikini out of an old remnant piece of fabric I found in my sewing cabinet. I was actually planning on creating it yesterday, but my sister needed my help unpacking her entire house, so I wore the fabric as a tie top instead. It was super easy to create this 2-piece set, I left my sewing machine in Denton, so this project required no sewing at all. Initially, I cut the bottom of the bikini to fit like a regular swimsuit bottom that needed to be tied together on each side. Then I cut 7 pieces of fabric that would be long enough to use as straps for the top and bottom. After having the cut strips, I hand sewed four individual strips to each corner of the bottoms in order to secure them on the side. Once the bottoms were done, I cut 2 triangle shapes from the fabric and used safety pins to create a makeshift hem. Later, I inserted a strap through the hem closure in order to create a way to secure the back. Once this strap was attached, using safety pins, I added one strap on each side of the top to create the halter-bikini type closure.

Sustainable Summer Suit

** Smoothies and Salads **

During the summer, I am mainly always in a swimsuit by the pool just hanging out. So, I try to use this time to remain fit and healthy. I noticed that it is hard for me to meet my required goals for my daily fruit and vegetable intake. It is easy to drink a smoothie or eat a salad that has both fruit and vegetables in it. In my smoothies, I like to add in carrots, spinach, kale, beets, celery, cucumbers and tomatoes to my regular fruit smoothies to make sure I get all my veggies as well. Whenever I make myself salads, I typically eat them as a whole meal, so I try to add a variety of fruits and vegetables to fill me up. I like to add strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, coconuts, cherries, and oranges. In my opinion, taking the extra time to add in a mixture of both fruit and veggies is more beneficial for you, since you are going to eat that meal anyways, why not kill two birds with one stone.

Styled by Music

Music is differentiated by a wide variety of genres each song is classified as and you can further distinguish an artist by their own personal stylistic expression. In our society today, it is more acceptable than it was in the past for musicians to use their sense of fashion to embed new ideals in their songs. Music lovers are the people most inspired by their favorite artist’s style since they focus on the little details of the musician’s outfits. Throughout my lifetime, I have been inspired by a multitude of artist’s styles to help influence my own personal style. I want to focus more on the evolution of my own personal style next week, but today I want to share how some of my favorite musicians have impacted my sense of fashion.

For as long as I can remember, music has been a massive part of my life and who I am today. I’ve danced since I was 3 and whenever I was in elementary school, I would spend hours basically everyday coming up with a new dance routine in my room listening to a collective CD collection of miscellaneous 2000s pop stars and iconic Disney legends. As you all know, Miley Cyrus has been one of my idols since I watched the first episode of Hannah Montana. I distinctly remember my elementary style and how we were forced to wear our school uniforms and I would literally cry if my mom made me wear a skirt instead of a skort. Major difference in case you don’t know because one has shorts!! There were a few times I would try to wear makeup to school, which now that I think about it is really dumb. What type of 8-year-old needs to be wearing bright blue eyeshadow to match their school T-shirt?? To this day, I’m not even sure if my parents knew I wore eyeshadow to school somedays because I would literally hide doing it in the backseat before they dropped me off. Simply living the life of a scammer since I was a young bean. 

Middle school was the time in my life where music was one of the most important things to me and I spent so much of my free time on my little iPod touch, searching through YouTube and trying to discover new musicians that I could vibe too. Sixth grade, also known as the era where my life was changed forever. This was the time whenever I became obsessed with One Direction and fell into the coming of age cycle of being obsessed with boybands. At the time, I did not realize how much music really did influence my life, but all of my inspiration and ideals came from new music concepts and artists that I just recently discovered. I finally began to have a deeper desire to learn more about music and to discover old music that was clearly new to me. Sixth grade was also the time where I discovered more about the types of music I like to listen to, I love heavy rock music, but I also love soft indie songs. I feel like I always had a sense of who the Beatles were because my parents and sister listened to them, but once I started focusing on their music and listening to songs I had never heard before my life was changed. Since my life was heavily focused on the Beatles in middle school, I was never super into pop or rap music. I remember clearly not knowing some popular songs, because I didn’t really listen to the radio that much and people thought I was kind of strange for not listening to Katy Perry and blasting John Lennon instead. 

My style in middle school was still heavily influenced by CCISD and the restrictive guidelines of our everyday clothes. This is whenever I became more about accessorizing my outfits since I was not able to fully express myself through my clothes. I wore a variety of bracelets on my wrists with rings on more than 5 fingers. The one and only Stevie Nicks really inspired by boho style and made me want to wear flowy kimonos over my basic outfits, while also making each outfit original to me by adding accessories that made me smile. My family critiques my choice of accessories a lot because I do express myself through the little details of each of my outfits, sometimes I tend to over style a particular fit by adding too much.

Since I listen to a wide range of music, I was influenced by many different decades and did a lot of research on musicians and their clothing choices in that particular era. My earliest memories of 90s music is my dad blasting it throughout my house at 5 am, before he learned and invested in some Bluetooth headphones. I quickly learned the words and my mom would get so mad that I was in 3rd grade knowing all the words to Boyz-N-The-Hood and was dropping the F word as if I knew what it meant. Last year, my style was focused on revitalizing old trends and styling vintage clothing to be more modernized. I wore more casual styles of clothing and had a more street style aesthetic. I was influenced by Tyler the Creator, Brockhampton, and Lizzo. This was the relative beginning years of my college experience, so I was lazy with my style and considered my casual loungewear, considerably cool streetwear. Honestly, I was going through a little bit of a depressive state at this time, so I went back to listening to my 90s grunge playlists that I made in 8th grade. That is when I was on my upmost level of gothic energy, my best friend Zerique and I constantly had Nirvana blasting. I lowkey discovered a few screamo bands and would just lay on the ground listening to crazy rock. This was the major turning point in my life because 90s grunge is one of my favorite genres of music and this was the time whenever I started to discover more bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

Currently, I would say my style is the most influenced by 90s and early 2000s right now. Sometimes I also feel like I express my gothic, grunge aesthetic by wearing a variety of chains and industrial style textiles. If you know me, you know that I am always pairing my Doc Martens with any type of outfit. I’ve recently tried to incorporate simpler monochromatic looks with more precise lines and dramatic accessories into my everyday style. I’m seeing a change in my style to grown more into expressing silhouettes and trends from the early 2000s. Whenever I was 7 or 8, I distinctly remember my mom picking outfits out for me and I really did not like some of the styles from then, but now my perspective has changed. I’m wearing more bedazzled things, shoulder bags and slip on mule heels. I feel inspired from singers like Doja Cat, Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles. My style has shifted to be more feminine while also mixing in certain masculine accents. This week in particular, I was completely mesmerized by Harry Style’s Watermelon Sugar music video and all of the summer stylistic details they included. Vibrant shades of yellow and blue along with vintage styled silhouettes such as halter tops and high waisted swim shorts. His songs Watermelon Sugar and Cherry have also helped spark a revolution where fruit has been used as an accessory and a uplifting print on certain garments. The current impact that Harry Styles has on fashion is his ability to master the mix of masculine and feminine styles paired together. He has influenced many men to also be more gender fluid in their everyday outfits which has opened up doors for a new world of androgynous fashion. 

Stylistic Empowerment

Hello sweet baby angels!! I hope everyone is doing splendid and that life is beginning to turn around into some sense of normalcy. Sorry I have not been writing about all the recent updates in my life, but surprisingly recently there has been many much-needed revisions. I left sunshine city Corpus and I am finally back in Denton for a little bit for a quick break from the entirety of my family. This past weekend I moved into my first ever own place, no longer living in the freshman dorms or the Kappa Delta house anymore. After moving out of my house and organizing my life back together, I eventually had enough free time to play with the backend of my website and create a new layout that I hope you all enjoy. I will be writing more now that I am not taking classes at the moment and I will have more free time to express my ideas in the right way. One thing that is new to the site is the addition of weekly updated things such as a chosen trend, along with my music inspirational icons and a dope playlist to inspire your week! Surprise!! I also added the link to my depop store, so you can shop all my favorite looks every day, I got noticed the other day on the explore page and ever since my shop has sort of been blowing up. So, go check out all my newest finds! 

My current feeling is a state of an imperturbable tranquility that no one can diminish. The energy in my house is in absolute order, a total of four Sagittarius under one roof. I am surrounded by consistently positive vibes and at long last I finished setting up my room. For a few weeks, I have been creating multiple concept boards and finding new inspiration to create my tranquil hippie hideout. As I am writing this post, I am drinking my morning green tea, while looking at my Stevie Nicks shrine encompassed by my hanging succulents along with Mac DeMarco playing in the background. So, one could say that peace is restored in the world of ACD. I have been working on maintaining my level of inner peace by journaling every day and writing a quote each day that reminds me of the level I am at in my life. My mom has inspired me to read more books and focus on getting more organizational structure in my life. I started reading Girl, Wash Your Face and I will soon enough give you all a review on how this is improving my ideals and making me a better individual.

            One thing that has been on my mind recently is the revolution fashion will have in the course of the next few weeks. I’ve had so many ideas flowing through my brain, but it has been killing me because I never had a spare second in the day to just sit down and write out all my thoughts. Last week I read an article on Vogue written by the one and only Anna Wintour about this virus changing people’s perspective on fashion and how we will potentially be more adventurous with our style. This has been a major thought in my mind because over this quarantine break, I went through my closet several times and found multiple garments and accessories that I repeated “I forgot about this, I can’t wait for this to be over, so I can go out and wear it” way too many times. So, this sparked the idea in me that there is no need to have anywhere to go if you want to be more expressive with your style. There is an ideal my professors stated that has stuck with me that the older you get, the less experimental you are with your style. In some ways this is true because older people tend to wear the same style of clothing instead of being a part of the up and coming trend setter generation. 

            Part of being a style trend setter is being experimental with your everyday outfits. I focused on wearing a variety of garments together that people typically don’t think of. My go to fashion tip is to experiment with different patterns that you already have in your closet that you would not normally pair together. In my opinion, it is so trendy to mix different prints and styles together, as long as you are following a specific color scheme then your pairing will be aesthetically pleasing. In my cover picture, you can see me mixing a variety of prints from red hearts, red and navy stripes along with a red and gold pizza bag. This is a huge leap from what people consider “every day style” and in 2021, there will be a change in perspective on what items we think are the top level of fashion. Since 2020 has been compromised of utility garments and basic essential lounge wear, we can hope to see people being more expressive with their clothing and modeling an one of a kind piece. This quarantine has taught us a lot as a human race to value what is the most important in our lives and focus on the basic things we need to survive. 2021 will be the year of futuristic and mainly experimental stylistic choices. There will be a wide variety of color choices and a mixture of multiple patterns. Styles from the pasts are coming to make a comeback and we know that no one was afraid to use clothing to inspire their inner beliefs. 

Technological TimeWarp

The future of fashion is something that is changing more now than ever. This quarantine has finally given the fashion industry the break that it needed. For once, the fashion industry is not just in the cycle of mass producing celebrity’s clothing and we are actually focusing on being sustainable by getting rid of the stockpiles of previous garments. The fashion industry is in a constant state of trying to predict the future and staying on top of the newest things before they become old news. Humans have a significant impact on mass consumption, the environment, other people’s well-being. It took a whole pandemic for us to take a step back and realize how we were really living our lives. With this major halt in my life, I’m going to be honest, I finally realized I buy too much clothes. Not being able to just spend my time thrifting or going to the mall, I noticed exactly how much unnecessary consumption I am doing in my life. **I’m currently doing a massive closet cleanout on my Depop right now, just saying** I am one who loves to stay on trend and am always on the hunt to inspire new trends, but I finally stopped caring about my everyday fashion and started focusing more on the big picture. If we all were to consume less fast fashion, then we would all give people the opportunity to make more unique clothing that takes intricate detail and therefore workers can be paid adequately for their valuable time versus how many crop tops they can produce in an hour. 

As a digital retail major, I noticed how this whole situation has put the world under anti-virus lockdown and how retailers quickly shifted towards adapting to this new lifestyle. Masks and protective wear have become an increasingly popular demand and retailers have been taking advantage of people’s fears. I have seen a decline in new hand bags being released, but a skyrocketing introduction of designer face masks and even hand sanitizer. All of the basic necessities that we used to take advantage of are what people are trying to preserve the most. Frankly, the fashion industry is a bunch of selfish people with lots of different ideas all trying to be recognized as being original. I am amazed by how fast this industry is able to adapt to any obstacle that the world faces. A major trend we will definitely see in this year’s fashion week is the emphasis on digitalization and how technology has in a way saved our sanity. Technology was already a concept that has been manipulated with in the fashion industry but soon enough, we will see trends that we never thought were possible. When I was in New York, I visited the Artechhouse and that was one of the coolest things I have experienced. It was just a plain, white room with small projectors everywhere that illuminated the room with uniquely created digital designs that changed the room’s atmosphere and mood. I recently watched a fashion show that was inspired by a digital background like that and it was the coolest thing. In the future this will help minimize the waste of huge fashion show productions because this is an advanced way to engage your audience with the designer’s true vison. There have also been a few designers who had their shows planned out to be during this time, so it was a unique perspective to see designers twist their visions to be a completely virtual show. 

We can expect a huge, massive change in the way we used to view the fashion industry. Clothing will be made in a more thoughtful way and will take in consideration the potential actions of the future. In other words, articles of clothing will be more durable and made for multipurpose jobs instead of how we view it now as a one-time wear garment. This ideal came from the fact that we waste so much clothing and have grown to have this mentality of something being useless after you’ve been seen in it. One thing that has always bothered me and I genuinely do not understand why this is such a popular trend, but buying clothes that already look worn and dirty?? Golden Goose sneakers, someone explain to me why you are paying $500 plus dollars for brand new shoes that look like they are about to fall apart. Celebrities and fashion influences have the money to buy stuff like this and have no concern to how many times they actually wear it. Someone like me though, a college fashionista, wants to spend money on a luxury items that will be a classic and something that I don’t plan to wear just once. After being inside for so long and not cycling through my entire wardrobe, I’m predicting that we will see an increase in more basic necessity clothing made from textiles that are meant to last for a while and there will be an increase in the type of care designers put into the little details of their garments to last such as the back of the collar or the belt loops of your jeans. 

Major changes in the typical cycle of fashion have been massively impacted by this virus. Italian Vogue has had a blank cover for the first time in over 100 years. This is a huge deal because you always think about magazine cover girls and to be honest with the number of magazines I read, I never focus on the cover girl and I always forget. However, the impact of having no one headline an issue is much more memorable than anyone’s face. I think would be such a cool trend to start having coverless magazine and just focusing on the main message they are trying to convey instead of being drowned in a clouded haze of celebrity faces. I read an article about Bella Hadid still working from home, it explained how she was taking pictures of herself on her phone to be published in major editorials. Her stylists were virtually picking out her clothes and she was shooting herself and it really made me think about how we are really self-absorbed and constantly trying to share everything about our lives, but the reality of it is, who cares??

This self-isolation period has led to much needed time for humanity to self-reflect on their actions and has helped everyone prioritize what’s really important in the world. After having everything that is unessential stripped away in our lives, we all understand that can survive without all the extra added glamor of our society. This virus has really humanized us because no one is immune, despite being a celebrity or a homeless person, we are all equal humans and should be treated the same in life. I don’t want to start a whole rant on human equality, but I just want our society to recognize the fact that deep down we are all living on the same planet, breathing the same air. 

Dedicated to the one I Love

Hey baby kitties, I hope you all are doing amazing and learning to flourish during this really weird time. There is nothing I want more than being able to go back to a record store or a thrift shop. Meanwhile, we are all in the same boat, enjoying our time in the comfort of our homes, right. I was doing pretty good about being home, but I just miss my friends and being able to hang out with other people. 

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday and I’m kind of sad that I’m not able to hang out with her and that she has to be stuck at home. Honestly, I am so grateful I went to Tech for a little bit because I met my life long best friend. Emma is the most kind-hearted, funniest, self-assured woman I know. I am thankful for all the times she’s uplifted me when I’m down, serenaded me with her angelic voice or just talked to me on the phone for the entire day. It’s about to be a whole year after Emma convinced me to get our baby kitty tattoo. cI’ve been wanting to go to the Grand Canyon for so long and she’s the only one who’s down to get in the car right now. This crazy woman has pushed me in life to be a better version of myself and I can’t even imagine all of our insane future adventures. ❤ Love you Yemmi!!   

One new, fun, exciting thing in my life is that I’m learning French now!! How ironic that I already went to France and still just started learning. By the way, Rosetta Stone is having a special where students can get 3 months free, if you want to challenge yourself and learn a new language. The main reason I decided to start learning more French is because I was inspired after binge watching Making the Cut on Amazon with my mom. Let me tell you, this show is sensational. It is hosted by my all-time project runway forever legends Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. The concept is to boost already established brands into a globally known fashion name. To be honest, I don’t understand any of the rules in the show because there aren’t really any?? The designers buy their fabric wherever and whenever they want, and they don’t really have a specific set budget. There is also not a consistent way of being eliminated, but I like how you never know where the next challenge will be. Plus, if you to know anything about me is that I love Chanel and my goal is to have insane Chanel blazers. Soon enough.. So, naturally I knew I would love this show whenever I realized my favorite 90s Chanel icon Naomi Campbell was a judge. The entire reason I was so inspired by this show was because I definitely feel that now I have exactly what it takes to build up a badass brand. I know how to sew and some people on this design show, had no clue to how sew their own clothes. Yes, the designers were given a seamstress and they just had to create a tech pack, which in the real world that’s how it’s like to actually manufacture clothing. In my opinion, I think it is just good to have a variety of skills if you’re going to start a clothing brand. You should be able to design and break down your clothes in order to be able to sew it on your own if you have to. 

While being at home alone with nothing to do I realized that I need to be open to all the different opportunities that can potentially come my way. My entire life I had this vision of living in New York but thinking about how close that time is going to be, I’m not closing out any other probable route. I’m realizing that I’m just not mean enough to live in the city. After going out to the beach alone for the past 2 weeks, I realized how much I actually love being at the beach and my body really cannot survive in the cold. So, of course I have to be at the beach in California doing something really dope in the LA fashion scene. This will finally be me and Kenny’s time flourish together and start our sublime fashion brand in California. Obviously, right now I don’t have all my ideas planned out because I thought of all this yesterday whenever I was talking to my dad. I was ranting about how I’m just in the phase of my like where I am experiencing everything and passing the time before having to live a true adult life. Not to say that I am not absolutely loving life at the moment, but I just want to be not in school anymore!

Speaking of online school I should say, I am sort of getting swamped with assignments that just creep up on me. I am tired of having so much more work than I ever did in real person class. Do not even get me started about the group assignments because I already was not the biggest fan of collaborative work, but never having the opportunity to meet up and still having to complete a presentation is difficult, but we all have to be tested in life. One of the assignments I had for my retail merchandising class was a research essay on US wholesale market centers. Of course, I studied everything about the most interesting wholesale market places in the United States. From New York to LA and Denver back to Dallas. If this virus would not have happened, I would have gotten the opportunity to work at the Dallas market center, but I will just have to wait until the world clears back up. I learned a lot about the California Market Center and that’s when I realized that that’s where I’m going to end up. I have a really good feeling about it and I’m waiting for life to fall into place. 

Disposition Daze

Imagine, we are handed a beautiful gift of basically time being stopped while the whole earth remains in a state of paused panic and distress. You are never given the chance to intentionally have nothing to do and just take time to collect yourself. Extra time to stay inside and enjoy the little things that we tend to forget in our fast-paced world. What would you do with your extra time??? Despite what you may be thinking, there is always a positive side to every negative situation. Let’s think about this whole coronavirus fiasco…

It is the most detrimental event to happen in my lifetime and this situation is something that I thought only really happened in the movies. I just sort of thought that in our day and age, we are in a way invincible to everything even though, we are only human. To be completely transparent, at first, I was really scared because this type of thing has never really happened, and I was more scared of the unknown versus what was happening in the present. In my opinion, I think that everyone was more worried about the indefinite outcome versus actually being worried about this virus potentially wiping out the entire population. I can understand why people were worried about supplies and excessively stocking up on toilet paper and cleaning products, but is it really necessary to be that greedy over essential products? Seriously, I just do not understand some people’s mentality. People’s true colors are revealed during a time in crisis. I have always just grown up wanting to help others out and making sure that everyone is doing okay instead of solely focusing on myself. I am very fortunate to be at home with my parents and I do not have to really worry about buying my own food right now, so I decided to give back to the people that really need help. Last week, I made around 30 sack lunches and a casserole to hand out to the homeless people downtown. I know that I am very blessed to be able to have a roof over my head, food in my pantry and enough in my savings to be able to stay home and save other people from potentially getting sick, but others are not as lucky. We need to really think about other’s livelihood and how shutting the whole world down can basically ruin someone’s current life track. This is why I think it is so valuable to be able to help others out during a time of such drastic need. Despite what you believe, karma is a real thing and whatever you do will eventually come back to you…

These past weeks of being isolated and completely left alone with my thoughts, it gave me a new perspective on the world. I’ve been home for however long we’ve been in quarantine and I never realized all the little things that we take for granted. Yes, I am grateful each day for the miniscule opportunities I take for granted such as being able to breathe clean air, drink pure water, listen to good music and dance around wherever I want. Our world basically changed overnight and life as we know it will never be the same. As a whole population, I’m sure there are some things we never thought would be taken away from us. I have not been able to hug my grandparents when I bring them dinner, can’t go to see the newest movie when it is released, unable to sit in church as a whole congregation and I didn’t realize how much I would miss seeing my friends and family in person every day. By having these thoughtless, everyday activities taken away from us, I think we have forgotten what is really important. The entire human race is in such a rush to get back to the quick paced speed of life, but we should use this time to really ponder about what things in life are worth rushing back to. 

Over the past three weeks, I’ve become a new woman…not exactly at all, but I know how to kind of bake. I’ve been taking total advantage about this entire situation and being home without one single responsibility. Okay, I’m lying I have school still, but I’ve been trying to just push through that. I haven’t written a blog in forever because I have been a sponge recently and have tried to just take in everything that is going on around me. The world has finally begun to relax, and it is so much easier to see what is actually going on without the clouded haze of excessive social media posting, intense societal outings and the immense pressure of always having to be doing something. I’ve finally had enough time to sit down and focus on the things that I’ve always wanted to do but claimed to never have time for. I have actually made a decent chunk in the book I’m currently reading, Little Women, and it feels so nice to be able to sit and drink some green tea and read a book without having to worry about doing something else. One thing I have never been really good at is cooking and I lowkey cannot stop eating sweets ever, so I decided to try baking. I’ve been looking up recipes and trying out new desserts. So far, I’ve made some cookies, an apple crisp, cheesecake and banana bread. Not to say I am an advanced pâtissier or anything like that, but I know how to bake now. I’ve also been journaling a lot more and setting time aside to write about not really what I’m doing each day (it’s basically the same thing), but I’ve focused more on what I am feeling and how this has affected me. There was a book that my cousin from California sent me whenever I graduated high school and I never had time to go over all of it. It is 52 lists of happiness and you’re supposed to do it each week, but I never really set aside the time for it each week. I am also so grateful that I brought my record player home because I have finally been able to listen to every single song on all my vinyls. I’ve been passing the days by worrying about having inner peach instead of being so anxious about going back into the world.

There is a great long list of positives I want to talk about that have come from this disaster, but I really want to go on a full tangent about them. Get ready to hear me go off about how amazing mother nature is doing, how the fashion industry is finally getting a break to catch up and people being able to connect with their family during this pandemic..

Don’t Cast, Don’t Complain

100 years ago, Women were granted the birthright opportunity of a man to vote. It is kind of hard to imagine life 100 years ago, since we are so technologically advanced our society can barely fathom the idea of a somewhat simple life. During the 1920s (and still to this day), women were not treated as equals to men. Society did not fully understand the innovative ideas, efficiency in situations, creative power and overall knowledge that the female population have always possessed. In the 1800s women were trapped inside their houses having the responsibility of doing the house’s domestic duties. Life dramatically changed for women after World War I, because this was the first opportunity we had to define our equality to the other sex by working the same jobs they used to and managing to take care of a family all at the same time. The 1920s is whenever society was conforming to modern ways and the “new woman” was born. We know that this was the time that women challenged the societal ‘norms’ and started dressing and acting for no one, but themselves. That is the kind of empowerment we need to see.

I think that our problem overtime is that the female gender has forgotten how many women went through a true suffrage in order for us to have the rights that we do today. Women need to be reminded of all the battles that our past sisters went through to get us to this exact moment. There were men who genuinely believed the only place a woman belonged was at home and they had absolutely no right to an education or to a reputable career. Many women had to wait to attend prestigious schools and were often not even recognized for their educational accomplishments. Fast forward a century and we still do not have a woman who has been in charge of the white house.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually care about people other than women and the main thing I want in our world is the dispersal of knowledge and recognition of equality throughout mankind. If you really think about It, our society is educated and cares about things that are oblivious to the intellectual growth that our community needs. People really have no idea what the process is to vote and how you can be an informed citizen to make lawful decisions based on your political views. One thing that really needs to be changed and implemented in our school system is knowledge on how to be an active, law abiding citizen who contributes to the good in society. In high school, they never taught me when to register to vote and which county you need to be registered in while also being on top of deadlines. Whenever I turned 18, immediately I wanted to exercise my right to vote and help be a part of national decisions. I registered to vote whenever I had just turned 18 because I never wanted to miss the opportunity to exercise my right that was not just given to me. At that time, the previous presidential election had already happened, and I still had to wait another 2 years to actually participate. To me, I have always looked forward to the opportunity to vote and create change, so I did my own research on ensuring I was registered in time and I had sufficient knowledge on everyone’s views in order to cast my vote for the best candidate.

There was a previous controversy about raising the voting age to 21 and my opinion is that would create unnecessary tension and will give young adults a reason to not be too concerned with the world around them. Young adults could potentially be the largest demographic of voters who can actually implement change. Dispute your political beliefs, your voice should be heard, and you have the right to express your values. Someone once told me that everyone is a democrat until they grow up and have their opinion. Personally, I am a democrat because their ideals and values represent what I stand for and I want to be a part of a party that actually cares about humanity. The only reason why more people are democrats when they are younger is because we do not have corporate jobs and we do not typically focus our energy on economics or taxation. People tend to be in the same political party as their parents because initially, they are our first exposure to anything relating to politics. My parents are both republicans and that is one million percent not in my beliefs, so I did my own research and picked out my desired political party. One thing that really shocked me when I voted the other day is how some people actually believe other individuals should not be given the same basic human rights as them. I had to vote on if everyone should have access to affordable healthcare, advanced education and if people should be given the choice of a free trial if they commit a crime. My mind was absolutely blown at the fact that people actually think other HUMANS do not deserve the same decent living rights that ‘upper class citizens’ are born with. Lowkey, I wanted to cry because I just did not understand why people do not want someone to have a good quality life.

Young adults have the power to change the world, so why don’t you exercise the right to vote? Now, it is too late to vote in the primary election in order to see who the candidates will be for the presidential election. However, if you are an informed citizen, emphasis on being informed, you don’t want to vote for the president of the United States blinded. You can go to your local voter’s administration office and register to vote in your county in order to be given the opportunity to have a say in the future of our government. If you do not exercise your right to vote, then you have absolutely no right to complain about issues going on in our government or the idiotically actions of our president. It cost absolutely no money to take time to go and vote for what you think is right, so why are you still waiting?

21st Century Woman

I want to talk to each and everyone one of you on life as a woman. Times are changing but, realistically are they??? In our society today, women are still being treated as the weaker sex and are being negatively spoken about in some way for their actions. Before I go into a whole rant about women being better than men, I just want everyone to know that this is my opinion. I have a right to speak my truth and my reasons why I know we are not equal individuals. As a woman, I want to establish the fact that men have always had the mentality of women being lesser than them, but it is now the 21st century so wake the hell up.

Recently, I had a few events take place in my life that really confirmed my perspective that women are still being treated unfairly. In my particular experiences, I was just not given the same respect that a man would have received. As you all know, I posted something last week about being independent and how I am confident in my body, just like every other girl has the right to be too. One thing that makes my blood boil is how many people acted like they were disappointed in me and kind of mad that I posted a picture of me in a bra. Someone please show me the difference between my pic and a boy without a shirt on outside. Someone please show me the difference between that picture and my bikini pics from last summer. In some instances, whenever a woman’s nudes get leaked, guys send those images out so fast and do things that only God knows, but they disparage a woman for posting her own sexy pics. These types of situations are one of the reasons why it genuinely makes me so upset that women are confident enough to show themselves off, but some careless people enjoy bringing others down in order to feel better about themselves.  Our society has these set ideals that we are expeditious to follow instead of bothering to depart from old beliefs and catch up with current times. Women have fought for years just to have the basic human right of being equal to the opposite sex and we have certainly made progress in breaking the glass ceiling. Why is it that some men still do not see a woman as their equal individual who all coincide in one world?

One thing that I will never in my life ever tolerate is a little insecure boy yelling at me. On Monday, I went to have a nice, peaceful meal at Chili’s and I was in the middle of eating my chips and ranch whenever some drunk idiot came to sit at my table. Literally at first, I thought it was a stupid dare, but the guy would not leave and kept bothering me and all my friends after we made it clear we didn’t want him to sit with us. The situation would have been completely different if he would have been polite and said HI and just walked away. Instead, this turned into a whole fiasco at Chili’s on a Monday. This guy was an African American male and kept shouting how we should all be hanging out *the n word* and it seemed like he tried to justify his unacknowledged advances on racism when that had absolutely nothing to do with his actions. Side note, I think that word should never be used, it has such a negative connotation behind it and to me it is really disrespectful to just throw that word around like it means nothing. It disgusts me whenever men do not hold themselves accountable for their own actions. His imprudent, misogynistic deeds were completely uncalled for and this boy tried to justify his wrongdoings by pulling the race card on the wrong situation. I’m sorry, I do not care what you look like, but if you are making me or my friends feel uncomfortable then I’m not just going to let that be okay. After this dude leaves, we continue to enjoy our meal and then he proceeds to sit down with us AGAIN! At this point, we are all yelling in hopes of getting this boy away from our table and out of that restaurant. He was screaming at my friend for giving him a dirty look and asking him to get away from our girl’s night dinner. No REAL man should ever yell at a girl in an ugly way ever!! The thing that made me so furious about this whole incident is that the guy was not alone. He came with two other guys and girls that just sat back and allowed him to approach us more than once and harass us in the middle of Chili’s. Not to mention there were two other guys that sat right behind us and did not speak up once. Personally, it does not bother me if a guy speaks up about another guy’s wrongdoings because I can fight my own battles and I like having that power, but I do think you should always stand up for what you think is morally right.

The other day my friend told me about this study she read that talked about toxic masculinity. For those of you who don’t know, like me two days ago, toxic masculinity is the typical adherence to traditional male gender roles that consequently stigmatize and limit the emotions boys feel comfortable expressing. This is why most men rationalize their anger as a way of proving their masculinity. Just because this is true in some cases, I noticed that there are some men who are comfortable enough in their own skin to stand up for the right thing and those men are the true feminists that our world needs more of. I’m not a boy, so I can’t tell you how they think but I do know that some boys are afraid of losing their “manliness” if they take a woman’s side and fight against another man about it. This type of insecure ignorance is why so many women have been taken advantage of and not treated with their well-deserved respect. All it takes is one self-assured man to prove his manliness by standing up for women’s rights to truly change the world.

On my Lonesome

In honor of Valentine’s Day coming and going, I want to talk about being independent, not alone. This was my first year to not have a Valentine and honestly, it felt really good. Whenever I was younger, I was kind of obsessed with watching romance movies and dreaming about what my future love life would be like. As we all know, life does not always end up how you plan it to be. You will be faced with challenges and tribulations that will make you rethink your future goals and what is most important for you. Little baby Alli wanted to have a family, be a mom and hang out all the time. This particular lifestyle is great for some people, there are certain individuals that are made to be mothers and to nurture the people around them. As I’ve grown up and learned more about myself, I came to the realization that that life is not for me. Sorry if it makes me sound heartless, but I cannot imagine myself ever being a mom worrying about a small, tiny baby. 

            Currently, I feel like I am just stuck in a particular phase in my life that I just have to get through and live my life to the absolute fullest in the meantime. I already have my set goals on where I want to be in the future and I can see my dreams in the city coming true soon enough. For the time being, I have to get through school, but I still have time to enjoy being in college and in a sorority. My mentality is that this is the youngest I will ever be, so I have to try new things and make the craziest memories right now. With all this being said, it is really important for me to live my best life and make sure that I am doing something to constantly keep me motivated and wrapped up in life. Back to my whole message about this blog, one really important thing to me is my independence. I am always worried about myself and what’s going on in the environment around me. This may sound kind of selfish, but I cannot always be the one to push people to experience life. I like to worry about myself and ensure that my own mental health is in good condition. In some ways I really think I am dating myself. My actions never have to deal with anyone’s opinions but myself. For Valentine’s Day I bought myself lingerie just because I wanted to. Not like I had a special someone anyways, but it is important to spoil yourself for yourself. It feels amazing to see how beautiful I look in the mirror in my new Savage X set, plus I feel like such a baddie whenever everything matches. Doesn’t have to deal with anyone else, but I just feel good having matching lingerie. I have grown to be more comfortable doing things on my own and I don’t have a problem with it anymore. I love to go eat by myself and I promise you that no one will talk about you because they don’t care that you are alone. Some people struggle with social anxiety and it is difficult to be on your own or to do things by yourself. I totally understand that, personally I do not have this condition and I consider myself a social butterfly.

            Recently, my best friend in the entire world came to visit me and it made me ponder about how lonely I actually am. I am probably the most annoying, indecisive person you will ever meet. At the point in my life, I do not want a relationship, I just do not want someone in my life who can get in the way of me reaching my goals and having my dream career. Alli from 2 years ago literally never could have guessed I would have this mentality today. I am comfortable with myself and confident to be whoever I want without caring about anyone’s judgment. In the future, I see myself on my own and if I am at a point in my life where I want to take care of someone else then I’d definitely adopt. This is one thing that makes my mom crazy because I don’t want to have my own kids. Realistically, it just makes sense to me to adopt. There are so many kids that need a home and a skyrocketing number of individuals that struggle with issues that children should never have to go through. Plus, I hate babies. They’re always crying, and it is exhausting to take care of someone who can literally do nothing for themselves. Obviously, I speak so highly of children, so you have to assume they will be in my near future. (NOT REALLY) 

            One thing that I really want to talk about is relationships. I have been thinking about this so much because I honestly don’t know if I am ready for one or if it’s just not for me. I’m the type of person to like people for their heart and soul. If we have a connection through music, originality or ideals then, I’ll give you a chance. In my life, I just feel like I have so much going on at once that it is hard for me to actually set aside time to see someone and continue to talk to them. Dating is honestly an exhausting process because you pretty much have to tell your whole life story to a different person. I wish that everyone I think I’ll like just knew everything about me, so I don’t have to keep explaining myself. Relationships is a really hard concept for me because I am not necessarily afraid of commitment, but I am scared of being with just one person for potentially the rest of my life. Relationships just lead to confusion and a major loss in friendships. I’m not really sure if this makes me crazy or just a really soft person, but I get really sad whenever I don’t like someone who I guess really likes me. Currently, I am in the college phase of my life like I have absolutely no clue who I want to be with or what I want in a significant other. Old me would be so happy that boys like me and I’m surprisingly getting asked to go on a lot of dates, but the me today is freaking the heck out. I really just wish I could have endless guy friends that don’t end up never speaking to me and hating me whenever I don’t like them. One major thing that makes me sad is whenever I don’t like someone, and I know it hurts their feelings. It just sucks to make people feel sad and I wish I could do something about it, but you can’t force love. Emphasis on not being able to force love. The best things come when you’re least expecting it, but what if I am completely not expecting anything and it just goes right past me. Ending this whole shpeel on a positive note to always worry about the present and don’t inspect the little things too closely.   

Curl Crisis

Today I am sharing some news that has literally shocked and completely saddened me. I never really talked about my hair care routine which is basically the exact same cycle I have been doing for the past 7 years. In 8th grade I took a look in the mirror and knew that I had to change something about my look in order to revive my curls. I have always cared about my hair and whenever it started to curl in 6th grade I had to actually find a routine that worked for my curls. So, I have been going to the Orange Salon since middle school and my saving grace, Elli has always been cutting my hair. Some people thought it was kind of ridiculous for me to drive to Austin just for a haircut, but for me it was an essential way to keep my curls looking amazing. Little did I know that I should not have made this such a big deal. The only reason I am saying this is because of DevaCurl. If you know me, then you know I was a strong DevaCurl advocate and made everyone use their products because I believed they were the best on me. Every few days, I had my particular hair washing days and I tried to keep a consistent schedule going. Mind you, I have been doing this same routine, with the same products for the past 7 years. I would wash my hair with the No-Poo and One Condition every other day. At the time, I thought these products were amazing. They were sulfate free and didn’t contain any harsh chemicals, also they were pretty pricey, so I just assumed I was using the best stuff. WRONG!!

You have no idea how sad it makes me to talk about this, but it is so true, and I want anyone who uses DevaCurl to stop immediately. In the past year or so, I have been noticing some major changes in my hair that have never been an issue before. Never in my life have I ever had oily hair or any sort of dandruff at all, so explain to me why it started to happen? Honestly, I used to wash my hair once or twice a week and I was fine. Before you even think it, of course I am a clean person and I do shower, I just do not like to wash my hair unless I absolutely have to. It is an entire process of washing and then having to put in my products and depending on the day and time I would diffuse my hair. I kid you not, I have been doing this same process since 8th grade. Literally for the past 7 years, I used the same torturous products religiously. After washing my hair, I would apply the arc angel gel or super cream to style my curls. Once a few days passed and my hair was a little flat, I would spray the mister right mist and it would revive my curls. I noticed a change whenever I started getting dandruff and I had to actually start washing my hair much more often. What really scared me was the massive amounts of hair I was losing in the shower. I would normally lose hair obviously because my curls would intertwine, and I would get really ugly knots. This was also around the time I dyed my hair for the first time, but I still took really good care of my hair, so I really didn’t understand why this was happening to me. I mean as best as I could take care of color treated hair, I was doing hydrating masks pretty often and I even tried changing my diet to get more vitamins, hoping my hair would also heel. Clearly, this hasn’t worked out for me yet.

            At the start of this week, I watched a YouTube video posted by Ayesha Malik, who was a brand ambassador for DevaCurl. In this video, she spoke her truth about her hair and my initial though process was just in shock. I could not believe the stuff that she was saying about these products. She said that she noticed she was getting really bad dandruff and her curls were not as good as they used to be. She also mentioned how she had to wash her hair much more often now, but she would lose massive amounts of hair in the shower. At this point, I was really concerned because these same issues were also happening to me, but I never really talked about them before because I was embarrassed, and I never thought the cause of my problems would be my beloved DevaCurl. In the video, she also talks about a Facebook group where thousands of women have joined, and all share the same problems. Immediately, I joined the group and lowkey cried at all of these women’s stories. There were so many cases where girls literally look bald now because they lost so much hair. DevaCurl has not made any official statements regarding this scandal, but they have cleared everyone’s purchase history. Seems a little sketchy to me that a company would completely dismiss their loyal customers after such a big issue has become public. I will share my hair care journey throughout the years and you will definitely see a major change in my curl pattern. At this point, I am kind of like a lost child whenever it come to my haircare routine. I ordered some new products by CurlSmith and I will try them out and find a routine that works best for me and I will do a follow up in the next few weeks. To all my kitties with curly hair, I am so sorry. I am sorry if you ever used DevaCurl and I am even more sorry if I introduced you to their products. Please stop using their products immediately!!

This is me 2014 in 8th grade cheesin’ really hard
January 2015. Sweet baby freshman Alli, My hair is kind frizzy and has lost some of the ringlet curls
The end of summer 2015 and I had just gotten my haircut and styled
I’M SORRY!!! November 2015 and the curls are untamable and frizzy!!! S/O to Malaina for her interpretation of me as Slash. Truly ICONIC
September 2016 and My curls are still frizzy. Nothing new
oooof November 2016, she’s still looking rough
THE FRIZZ!!! End of 2016 and the frizz is starting to get worse
This is my hair at the start of 2017, I noticed how frizzy it was and decided to do a lot of hair masks as my New Year’s Resolution, but you can actually tell a difference hahaha
March 2017. these school selfies thooooooooo, but really my hair is so frizzy.
Mid 2017. I did a thing and chopped off all my hair. I noticed it has gotten better but is still frizz city
July 2017. My hair is short as ever and I’m about to have the best summer ever in France.
August 2017. She’s back to being a frizzy disaster
2018. Senior Year. Get ready to see a new Alli that has really flat hair, so it is always in some type of updo
HAHAHA Happy 18th BDAY to me and my flat hair
April 2018, Seriously where are the curls??
May 2018, they’re back!! But only because I got them professionally styled by the one and only Elli
Literally what is going on??? May 2018
August 2018. The day KD gave me my bid, aka the best day ever. Around this time, my hair was always in this little Ariana Grande updo because it was literally so flat
September 2018. Yikes, Phi Psi Psychedelic. I was always wearing some booboo pigtails because once again the hair is still flat
OMG!!! January 2019 & I look bald
Still January 2019, in NOLA with my bestie Emma. THE TOP IS FLAT!!! NO Volume whatsoever
Aside from me and Emma being at a dirty Luau. My hair looks okay but is really flat still
Oh Heyyyy Cabo, But please notice how straight my hair is and how you can literally count my curls!!!
August 2019, I have no curl volume & I’m sad
October 2019. Dyed my hair blue and you can absolutely see no curl definition
December 2019!! My hair is wavy at this point, no longer curly
January 2020. My hair is still really frizzy but I am trying to bring the curls back
February 2020. Today. Literally my curls are not as bouncy as they used to be. I just washed my hair yesterday and they already look like they lost their shape